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Benefits for Buyers

Benefits for Buyers

MAK will assist and provide clients with the following key services;

  • Detailed breakdown of payments and settlement amounts
  • Provide early advice of potential issues and propose solutions
  • Coordination of all your required documentation
  • Liaise and coordinate both with the sellers and buyers lenders
  • Ensure that title is free and clear
  • Ability to act as your limited Power Of Attorney (POA)
  • Full coordination and attendance at your property transfer
  • Provide the expertise required to ensure your transfer occurs both promptly and professionally

  • MAK will appoint a dedicated property transfer specialist as your contact point for all queries.

Most of all, the MAK team, through their experience and expertise in property transfers, will assist Buyers with ensuring all required processes are completed to all stakeholders' satisfaction..

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MAK can deal with, coordinate and assist with most property transfer and title deed related matters.