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About MAK

About MAK

MAK Property Conveyancers was formed in 2009 by its founder and Principal, Karen Kendall.

Following a career in property conveyancing and related property roles by Karen, in both Australia and the United States, it was decided upon Karen relocating to Dubai and seeing a growing property market, that conveyancing services were needed to ensure Buyers, Sellers, Developers and other interested stakeholders such as Lenders, were all well represented during property transfers and transactions.

The MAK team deals daily with Buyers, Sellers, Lenders, Developers and the various property related authorities in Dubai (such as Real Estate Regulatory Agency and the Land Department), hence MAK has developed a close and unique understanding and relationship with the different stakeholders.

This unique and skilled understanding by the MAK team ensures all matters the MAK team attend to have been completed correctly, efficiently and all regulatory processes and requirements have been met.

Since 2009 Karen and the MAK team have also worked closely with the Dubai regulatory authorities to ensure appropriate regulations and processes are in place for property conveyancing professionals and property conveyancing service providers so they too benefit from a professional and well-coordinated property conveyancing service provision model.

MAK is also proud to say that it was the FIRST property conveyancer in Dubai to be awarded a formal Conveyancing License by the Dubai regulatory authorities.

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MAK can deal with, coordinate and assist with most property transfer and title deed related matters.